授課師資:Steven Murray

• By the end of this course the course participants will have: 課程目標

• Furthered their understanding related to how to use English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) in the lecture theatre and in seminars 提昇對大班或小班全英語授課之理解
• Learned more about a broad range of teaching methodologies used in the modern academic lecture theatre and seminar group學習更多適用於現代學術環境之教學法
• Developed their ability to formulate effective group activities for communicative lectures and seminars了解如何設計教學活動以達溝通式教學之目標
• Developed their ability to help their students to improve a range of skills such as reading, presentation and discussion skills while teaching in the medium of English 進一步了解如何透過全英語教學協助學生改善閱讀、簡報及討論能力
• Developed their understanding of how to incorporate project work into their lecture courses 進一步了解如何結合專案於授課內容
• Expanded their range of valid testing approaches in the EMI environment 拓展全英語授課之各種測驗方法
• Continued to improve their overall English language abilities 持續增進整體英語能力
• Learned more about academic English speaking cultures 增進對學術英語口說文化之理解

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